Monday, 19 February 2018

The Friendship Seat

We have new friendship seats at school!

They have been beautifully painted by some senior children.
Team 8 went and had a look at them today and they are amazing!
If Team 8 see someone sitting on them, we are going to be great friends and ask them if they are ok and if they would like to play. Also if one of Team 8 can't find their friends they are going to go sit there and fingers crossed someone will help them.

Here we are sitting and looking at the seats.

Pretty cool seats!


  1. What an awesome idea - way to go Team 8 now everyone will have friends to play with!

  2. The friendship seats are such a wonderful idea. You might find me on those at some point.
    From Mrs Burge

  3. Aren't we so lucky to have this colourful, purposeful addition to our playground. I know that Team 8 learners will most definitely be a good friend and play with someone who might feel lonely.

  4. I have no doubt you will be awesome friends to anyone in need Team 8! You are super stars! xx Love Mrs Turner