Monday, 12 February 2018

The Ball Hunt

This morning, Team 8 went to the Koru courtyard to get some balls for fitness. When we got there, there wasn't enough balls! boo hoo :-(

We cried! (not really) but we were a little upset so we went on a ball hunt. We found 1x ball and 1x banana!

Some of us wrote stories about what we think happened to all the balls. We were very creative!

After lunch, we decided to go on another ball hunt. This time we found SOOOOOOOO many balls!!!! Lucky for Sunnyhills School that we returned them to where they are supposed to go.

You're welcome everyone!
Love from Team 8!


  1. So funny day! Andy said Room 8 is special and he love the teachers mostly :-)

  2. How funny that you went on a BALL Hunt and found a banana! Do you know that bananas are not for ball hunt?
    From Kaya.

  3. Wow....we love children like you at Sunnyhills. I might keep my eyes open too for even more balls!
    Mrs Harding

  4. We hope you find some too Mrs Harding... We hope you don't find a Banana

  5. Super ball skills Team 8! Keep practising!