Saturday, 24 February 2018

Mindfulness and Oral Language

Over the past few weeks, Team 8 have been learning about our feelings and how they make our body and mind feel. 
When we feel excited our heart is beating really fast and our muscles are tight. When we are sad, we sometimes cry and want to be alone. When we are happy, our heart is doing back-flips and our muscles are relaxed. If we are angry, our muscles are tight and we might want to hurt people. 
We have some "Mood Monsters" that are going to hang out on our walls to help us remember about our feelings. 

On Thursday, Mrs Grant got us talking about our feelings. We had to say sentences such as "I feel happy when..., I feel sad when..., I feel excited when..., I felt scared when..." We even wrote a sentence about it.

On Friday, Mrs Turner got us talking about those feelings AGAIN! This time though, we had some leaders that helped us to share our feelings onto PuppetPals. We are now ALL experts and can help you, or any other class (now there is a challenge for the rest of Sunnyhills!) create your very own 'feelings' movie on Puppet Pals.

I have attached all the movies below (Michelle, Synthia and Indi, I am so sorry I couldn't find yours - you can help me next week and I will pop it up for you). Please note that I have left their creations in their original form. I love how you can almost hear the thought processes in some of their heads. I especially love how collaborative EVERYONE was AND how many leaders emerged taking charge and keeping everyone on task.

Please have a look and listen. We would love to hear your thoughts about them. Our learning intention was to speak CLEARLY and CONFIDENTLY about a feeling we have had.

How did we do?


  1. I loved watching your puppet pals. You certainly were clear and confident with your speaking. Well done!

  2. Wow, Team 8. You were all very successful at speaking clearly. I love your puppet pal creations. You are all so clever. Could you teach me now? Mrs Grant

  3. Team 8 you have done a marvelous job at expressing your feelings and recording these with Puppet pals- ka pai! This makes me feel very happy as a principal.