Monday, 19 February 2018

More of Team 8's Special Treasures

In Team 8 we have been sharing our special treasures. Last week Benjamin, Samuel and Theo shared their special treasures.

Benjamin shared his little men. One of his friends gave one to him and then his mum bought him one. They are pretty cool as their heads lift up.
 Theo shared his special motorbike. He showed us how it goes fast.
Samuel and his Dad are Warriors fans. A friend of Samuel's family gave him a cool bag that had a Warriors ball in it too.  (Watch out Samuel Mrs Turner is a huge Warriors fan!)

Thank you to all the parents that have let their children bring in their special treasures to share... we are still waiting for Mrs Driver's special Treasure!


  1. I love seeing the treasures your are bringing into share Team 8 - I still will come and visit (I promise!).

  2. Those treasures must mean a lot to you team 8.