Thursday, 15 February 2018


Hi everyone,
In Team 8 over the next few weeks, we are going to focus on our Oral Language skills. We will be learning how to speak clearly, with expression, to share information about ourselves. We are using the information we collected for our Pepeha. 

Mrs Turner has been teaching some children how to use Puppet Pals on the iPad. We only know a little part of the puzzle and have to work together to piece it all together.

Yesterday, Mason and Zoe learned the first piece of the puzzle and Josephine and Samuel learned the second part. This is Josephine's test. 

Not bad for a first attempt we think!

Can you please leave her some feedback? we'd love to hear what you liked and what you think she could improve on.

We'll keep you posted.... hopefully everyone in Team 8 will be able to create their own Puppet Pals video.


  1. Nice one Josephine!! And c’mon broccoli isn’t that bad!!!
    -Josephine’s Dad

    1. To Josephine's Dad.
      Some of us like broccoli, but some of us think the same as Josehine! Thank you for reading

  2. Ka pai Josephine - you did a great job with making your first puppet pal video. I love brocolli!

  3. This is a great learning experience for kids.I believe kids would love to see their own puppet pals video.Great work,Josephine.You did very well(*^o^*)