Friday, 14 September 2018

Writing a Different Way

This week some of us tried writing a story on the i pad. It was fun because we had to find the letters on the keyboard. For some of us, it was the first time we had ever used the space bar!  We tried really hard with our spelling. We read our stories over the top so you can hear what we wrote. 
We will get better and better at this the more we practice.

Here is Alex's soccer story:

Here is Leona's story about the class baby:

Here is Jeremy's story about the playground:

Tu Meke!

Things you may have Missed! (Assembly and Fathers Day)

First of all - we did an awesome job at assembly a few weeks ago.  Mrs driver posted a cute video to the school Facebook page. Click here to see it.

This another video (of the same thing) that someone else took for us. 
We are working hard here in Team 8 to save our Earth for future generations!

Also, a (very belated) HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the father figures out there. Team 8 love you very much. Mrs Turner is sorry she didn't post this on Fathers Day, she wasn't feeling too good and forgot. We hope you got spoilt on your special day. xx

You Rock Team 8!

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Science in van and the Spikey Mat

On Tuesday we were lucky enough to have Science in a Van come and share their amazing science knowledge with us.
Team 8 learnt about FRICTION and also about PUSH and PULL FORCE. Ask team 8 about it and we can tell you what we learnt.



Push the Troll!

Here are some of the photos to show the fun we had.
As you can see Miss Fullard had to sit on a chair of NAILS!!!!!  Ouch!!!  Miss Fullard did not want to sit on it, but was very brave and decided to give it a go. 
Team 8 wanted to know what it felt like. Lucky Mrs Clyde had a spiky mat that we could use to try it out.
We talked a lot and did lots of discussion about what it might feel like. Then a few of us decided to give it a go. Aamniah got to try it out first because it was her birthday!!!

Come in and read all the amazing words that we came up with for Oral Language!

Thursday, 23 August 2018

More awesome Maths

We LOVE Maths in Team 8, so every week is like Maths Week in Team 8!

On Fridays at the moment we are learning how to measure length.

The first thing we did was make wiggly worms out of playdough... Check out this video where we use measurement language such as "longer than, shorter than" to describe our worms.

We got even more tricky the week after, measuring how 'tall' or 'wide' objects were by counting blocks. It was pretty cool comparing objects in the classroom!

The week after that, we measured using our very own feet! (Have you been in our classroom lately? -you can see the display on our wall).

THEN... because we are measurement SUPER STARS, we got to teach Room 11! We made some miss-matched skeletons by measuring parts of our body with paper. We used standard (cm's) and non-standard (blocks) units of measure. 

We truely are amazing at learning here in Team 8!
Come in soon and see what we are doing!

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Maths Week - Counting Lollies!

Mrs Madden gave the school a challenge to see who could guess the correct amount of lollies in the three jars below.

Team 8 went and looked and then we had a discussion about how we could work it out.
Everyone had a different idea and everyone wanted to guess... BUT, Mrs Madden said we could only put in one guess per class.

What we did know is that we have to work out what jar A+ B + C =

Here are our guesstimates

After much discussion around how we could make one fair guess one clever person  said...could we add them together and do something with the numbers??

So after Mrs Grant helped a little, here are all the numbers added together then doing something special called division.

So our final decision was let's put in 272 lollies as the total.

Mrs Grant wasn't at assembly last Friday, so doesn't know how many lollies there were in the jars or Who got to eat the lollies. 
Was it us Team 8?
Were we close????

Friday, 10 August 2018

Koru Cross Country

Super proud of Team 8, not only did we have 2 ribbons, but we showed the best sportsmanship!

What a cool event!

Well done Dia!

Super effort Theo