Friday, 15 June 2018

Cupcake Mad

It's no secret that Mrs Grant and Mrs Turner LOVE cupcakes... SOOOOO why not do a whole week of them?

On Monday Team 8 made cupcakes, on Tuesday and Wednesday we created art and stories about them. On Thursday we designed new flavours and made movies about them!

Here are some of the movies we made about our cupcake designs. I wish they were real so I could eat them up! What about you?


  1. Gosh who would have thought - a whole week of cupcakes! Art, stories, designing new flavours and movies! Wow.

  2. I love these cupcakes! Team8ers are all creative artists!

  3. Team 8 you are the best. What great voices you used to read your cupcakes descriptions!
    Mrs Grant

  4. I love how clearly you have spoken about your cupcakes. They look delicious and now that I've heard your voices, I'm feeling hungry! You have described your images accurately!