Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Cupcake Baking!

Wow, what an exciting start to Arts Week!!!

On Monday morning we headed over to the hall kitchen to make our cupcakes. To inspire our amazing art for the art display later on in the term.
We were great bakers. We were so lucky to have Tina (Zoey's mum), Diana (Alex's mum) and Mrs Clyde to help us. Thank you to those amazing helpers!!!
Here are some of the pictures of Team 8 beating, mixing, measuring, stirring and of course eating our delicious cupcakes!



  1. What a fantastic spark to your Arts week Room 8! The cupcake Mrs Grant gave me was deeeeelicious! Thank you.
    From Mrs Burge


  2. Go Team 8! What a great way to inspire your amazing art for the art display later on in the term.
    Bet they were delicious cupcakes!

  3. A delicious way to start your ARTS week investigations. These cupcakes are a super source for your print making blocks and look yummy! You are lucky to have lots of lovely parent helpers!

  4. WOW! Room 8 those cupcakes look delicious. I'm sure you all are wonderful bakers.