Monday, 9 April 2018

We are firefighters drama

Today Team 8 pretended there was a fire at our school. 
We did some role play/drama to show this happening.
Two people were the school, ringing for the fire service and two people were the Fire fighters. 
Here are Theo, Cameron, Synthia and Michelle showing their great acting. ( I think the camera person needs a bit of training...It was me!)


  1. What a fun why for your teacher to check if you had remembered all the massages that the Firemen gave you.

  2. What’s a great video! Such great fire fighting acting there! From Sally, Theos mum

  3. Paul tell me what to do when there is a fire

  4. How cleaver are you Room 8???? You must have learnt a lot during our Firewise unit! Well done.
    From Mrs Burge

  5. Well done Team 8 on making this video to show that you know what to do in a fire!