Saturday, 7 April 2018

Just for fun!

On Friday morning Team 8 made some play-dough. 
We all had a turn at adding ingredients and squishing them through our fingers to make a dough. The sensory fun was at it's best when we had to squish in the food colouring in to make different colours.

Here we are making the play-dough...

After making the play-dough, we used it to sculpt our "everyday heroes". 
There are fire fighters, police officers, guide dogs, life guards, Mums and Dads too. Have a look at some of our creations, can you see the likeness?

A special thanks to our wonderful 'mummy help', Hope. 
Couldn't have done it without you! :-)


  1. That looks like so much fun Room 8! I had food colouring all over my hands this morning too while I was making a Thomas the Tank Engine birthday cake for my great nephew William! Thankfully it has washed off now!!!
    From Mrs Burge

  2. What fun Room 8. Love all the different coloured dough and the cool shapes that you made. Mrs Venville

  3. Wyatt had so much fun making play dough at school xx

  4. Cool!Andy,I like the little yellow man and the drawing boy:)

  5. l love lt this is great!!!!!

  6. This looks like such a fun activity to make everyday heroes team 8. What will you do to be an everyday hero?