Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Road Safety with Constable Merv

Our next Inquiry learning in Team 8 is looking at Everyday Heroes in our community.
Today Constable Merv, a very important community constable, came in to teach us about crossing the road safely.

Team 8 already knew so much about crossing the road... however we still learnt some new skills. 

Here we are learning those new skills.
The Zebra Crossing

Watch out for Traffic

Watch for those sneaky driveways

Wait for the green walking man.

We must Stop, Look and Listen

Don't forget to look

Any cars coming?

Walk and look at the same time

Wyatt spotted a car

Are you listening for that traffic?

Watch those sneaky driveways

Great listening Zoe

Did you watch for those cars?

Great looking down those sneaky driveways

Team 8 wrote some great speech bubbles to share our learning.
Mrs Grant is busy putting them on a giant poster for us.
Keep looking at our blog to see our learning.

A huge thank you to Constable Merv for coming to share all his knowledge with us.


  1. Great walking Room 8. We are so lucky to have Constable Merv help us to be safe walkers and everyday walking heroes.

  2. Great work Room 8, some very valuable skills learnt and can't wait to see your big poster of speech bubbles with all your learning.

  3. Great that you are learning about road safety Room 8. You might have a younger brother or sister that you can teach.

  4. That’s great ! It is very useful for the children!

  5. Good training for road safety. I like you to show the steps to me and your little sister. Stop...Look....Cross....

  6. That was a very good learning practice.Jeremy learnt lots and showed me how to be an everyday walking hero by STOP ! LOOK ! LISTEN !