Friday, 16 March 2018

Pattern Hunt

This morning, Team 8 went on a pattern hunt around Sunnyhills School. We found HEAPS of repeating patterns. We went in groups with the Ipads. We took pictures of repeating patterns. 

After that Mrs Turner taught us how to use Pic Collage to put our patterns in a shape. Here are our pictures...

Josephine, Dia, Andy, Theo and Sam made these collages...

Ben, Jeremy, Paul, Cecilia, and Indigo took these ones...

Zoe S, Cameron, Mason, Michelle and Leona made these ones...

Wyatt, Zoey A, Alex, Synthia and Gabriella created these...

How do you think we did? 

  • Find some patterns at home, or out and about over the weekend. 
  • Ask Mummy or Daddy nicely if you can borrow their phone to take pictures. 
  • Add them to the free "Pic Collage" app and email them to Mrs Turner: there may be a reward!

Please leave us a comment so we can move up our pegs! :-)


  1. GoshI didn't realise we had so many repeating patterns around the school. Great learning for Room 8 and Mrs Venville

  2. Great activity! I didn’t realise there were so many patterns around the house and even outside, so many things are patterns! We have really enjoyed finding them this weekend :) Sally

  3. Awesome pattern pictures. Pip Stuhlmann.

  4. What an amazing Pattern Hunt activity.Great team work to find lots of repeating patterns at school.Our family had a lovely time to listen to Jeremy sharing his idea and showed us repeating pattern photos that he took at home.We really enjoy it :)

  5. Lovely pattern! It is the best way to learn in real life!

  6. I felt sorry to forget to see these picture earlier that Andy has told me on that date. How wonderful the pattern hunt game is! I will play it at home with Andy just today!