Thursday, 10 May 2018

We have a Frog!

Do you remember how we had tadpoles? 

Well one went missing...

Not to worry though, because Mrs Grant did some detective work and look what she found...
Did you see some 'frog-prints' on the rock?

ta-da! Our tadpole wasn't missing at all! It has FINALLY turned into a frog! 

This is him (or her) having a leisurely swim...
Can you see how the tail is shrinking?

We couldn't leave him (or her) in the classroom because he (or she) might hop away, so Mrs Turner took froggy on a little car ride...

And then, released him (or her) into his (or her) new home...

Bye Bye froggy. 
Thanks for teaching Team 8 to care for a pet and helping us to learn all about life-cycles. You have helped make us smarter and kinder.

Thank-you to Andy and his family who babysat over the holidays!


  1. Wow how exciting. I used to have tadpoles as pets when I was little as I lived in the country and we had a pond. It is so interesting to watch them change into a frog.

    1. Wow, Mrs Venvillle. Maybe you might like to have our next frog? From Team 8

  2. It is our pleasure to take them home over the holidays:) It is the first time not only for Andy but for me to see the tadpoles changing to frog.Nice experience!Thanks~~~~~

  3. I love the way that you cared for the tadpole and then when frog was ready you rehoused him/her. What great manaakitanga Team 8.